Message from Vice Chairman

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ahmed Naveed BhattiDr Ahmed Naveed Bhatti

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to FAMILYCON 2017 the 27th Annual International Conference on  Family Medicine & Exhibition, an annual event which focuses on the realms of Family Medicine and how its different aspects cover varied age groups, genders, disease prevention, rehabilitation and the integrated role between the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare in Pakistan.

FAMILYCON has advanced its reach and scope to cover specialized topics. These topics have been selected based on the growing needs of the community and in a bid to bring about more awareness on primary health services. Our utmost priority through this event is to enhance the health sector in the Pakistan, through strengthening the concept of Family Medicine among the society and educating the community on common medical emergencies, curative measures and areas that require comprehensive care.  We strive to provide the best knowledge and expertise derived from different parts of the world, while focusing on presenting new and innovative topics.

Our efforts to establish a convenient forum for family medicine practitioners and allied health care professionals is well reinforced by the active participation of healthcare providers and related agencies including pharma companies, medical centers and leading medical institutions. FAMILYCON proves to be a perfect platform for delivering primary health care and presents a unique opportunity for professionals from all facets of medicine, to interact with each other, share advancements and common concerns of their profession.

We look forward to welcome all family physicians, scientists, researchers, product specialists, young innovators and decision makers to this three day health forum, which aims at better health, better community and better wellbeing for one and all.

FAMILYCON facilitates knowledge transfer and networking and brings about a civic health consciousness, thereby reducing emergencies and encouraging preventive care.

Enjoy your stay in Lahore and have a memorable participation at FAMILYCON.

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